Men Shaved Arms

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Men Shaved Arms


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please ladies id like to know shood a guy shave his arm pits ? you because just like men, women are individuals and will have their own
the clinque men's line makes this amazing stuff called post-shave healer. I use it all the time after shaving to keep my skin smooth and
10 Jun 2010 Honestly I think guys should shave their pits. I think its kinda gross. Like if he doesn't have a shirt on and goes to put his arm around
13 Jun 2008 Shaved arms and legs or no? is from Gay forum, part of the Hip Forums. Lots of really buff men shave to show off their muscles and that
Nevertheless, it is true that more and more men are starting to shave their whether it's on your head or face, under your arms, or on or between your
Should men shave their legs and arm pits like women do ? I am a female and i think it is hot when guys have hair under their arms
29 Apr 2007 Our under arm hairs, at least for men, have always been a normal part Lots of men, such as swimmers, shave there armpits for more speed
I'm curious as to what your opinions are about men shaving their body hair. My roommate in college used to shave his arms.
11 Oct 2002 Women: What do you think about men with shaved legs? Arm pits. Pubic area. Legs. 4. What body parts of a male do you LIKE to see shaved?
31 May 2010 Many men believe that shaving one's armpits is not meant for them, Apply a moisturizing cream if necessary, if your arms become red or
About how much effort it takes women to keep up appearances that men pretty .... Many (straight) guys shave themselves (arms, armpits, legs) particularly
8 Sep 2010 Having shaved hair, men notice that new growth is stubble; i shaved the hair on my arms and legs. first what happens is that on your
I always thought it was funny how tv wrestlers and builders shave under their arms- to me it looks pretty silly for men to be hairless there.
The only place I didn't shave was my arms (and obviously my eyebrows and head), .... Before reading this forum I thought all women these days liked guys who
25 Aug 2010 AskMen is here to help by bringing these hair removal trends for men to your attention. We're not advocating waxed legs or arms -- jeez,
Relationships question: Do girls like guys who shave their arms? Personally, I think that that is gross but thats just my opinion and I can't speak for all
18 Nov 2009 Welll i know this question sounds pretty weird but do guys care if girls have arm hair or not? I know some girls that shave their arm hair
Currently, I've been shaving in the shower with typical shaving cream after. I do my legs, arms and chest/abs this way.


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